Introducing SmartCUT


Do you have either a letter-sized or a tabloid-size textile transfer printers but need to print a larger size…even large format? Is it possible? Yes!


SmartCUT software was developed specifically for this purpose. In fact, you can image large files up to 3X size or more from an 8.5”x 11” letter-sized printer. This easy-to-use software simply divides or tiles the larger image into pieces which can be reassembled for transferring unto the final substrate in larger format. It is really a nifty piece of software.


With a few mouse clicks, the SmartCUT proprietary software enables you to choose the image orientation for the best possible fit onto the transfer media, as well as control over the split zone. The software automatically calculates the best split path and divides the image the sections based on the desired finished size. The result is a well-hidden, undetectable seam once reassembled can be pressed onto your garment.


SmartCUT software comes from UniNet and has a list price of only $349.


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