Top Ten Reasons the GO ScreenMate Color Separation Solution is Better


Two Full Turnkey Film Positive Systems for Screen Printers


The Top Ten Reasons the GO ScreenMate Turnkey Systems are as follows:


  • Two turnkey systems with 13” x 19” and 24-inch imaging capabilities that cover most film output screen requirements.


  • IJB’s systems are full systems including ink, film, printer, software, training and support.


  • ScreenMate Ink, our color separation ink that is included with each printer, is
    manufactured by Prism Inks in the USA.


  • ScreenMate Ink is the world’s leading color separation ink and sold by many OEMs around the world due to its high quality, excellent density and focus on being used for one purpose: to image film positives.


  • Prism Ink is the only ink manufacturer in the world to offer a complete turnkey film positive system.


  • Both the ET-15000 13”x 19” and T3170x 24-inch printers offer excellent resolution, speed, density and are perfect for imaging film positives.


  • CADLink’s FilmMaker RIP is the world’s leading inkjet color separation RIP and is included with every ScreenMate system.


  • Not only does CADLink’s FilmMaker RIP include more features than other screen RIPs, FilmMaker includes InRIP separations, a feature other providers charge $500~$1,000.


  • Water resistant micro-porous film is a mandatory requirement and ScreenMate film meets this need and more. All ScreenMate Systems ship with our ScreenMate film.


  • Every customer using the IJB ScreenMate systems are VIPs and there is no extra charge. IJB provides weekly training sessions, product support and technical bulletins on an ongoing basis.


InkjetBiz offers a complete “best in class” turnkey system with all the components needed for imaging high quality color separations and film positives.



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