The Best 44-inch Dye Sub Bundle–Mutoh RJ-900X and Mogk PTM-110–Only $14,495




Many dye sub users who are migrating to larger sizes from desktop dye sublimation have found themselves in a quandary as to whether to go 24-, 44- or 64-inches in size. Without a doubt the top selling size in large format has been 44-inches. The reasons for this is the size allows users to image extremely large all-overs, but yet has a much smaller footprint than a 64-inch dye sub unit. Additionally, since most users are upgrading, they do not have a large format press either. With this announcement we are offering a complete 44-inch dye sub systems with an appropriate heat press, RIP, design software, ink and paper.


Mutoh RJ-900X


The Mutoh RJ-900X has become the industry standard for 44-inch dye sublimation printing. The RJ-900X is an industrial designed printer that can help you put your best foot forward. Offering a maximum media size of 44″, the RJ-900X gives you a high-quality professional printer at an exceptional price point.


The RJ-900X incorporates a DX-5 printhead (4 color sections, 360 nozzles/color), that enables high-resolution printing of up to 2880 dpi. The RJ-900X delivers superior line sharpness and photo quality with continuous tones and smooth transitions for a wide color gamut. Offering various print resolutions for different types of dye sub applications, the RJ-900X delivers a high speed of 360 dpi printing 676 sq/ft/hr.


There are thousands of satisfied users of the Mutoh RJ-900X for dye sublimation.


Mogk PTM-110


InkJetBiz was the first company to introduce the Mogk PTM-110 in the world. Based on specifications developed by InkJetBiz, Mogk produced the unit for the Americas market and this unit has become the best-selling large format heat press we offer.


Produced in Blumenau, Brazil, Mogk has a long history of producing solid and reliable heat transfer calendars and heat presses. The PTM-110 is no exception and is full of capabilities found on far more expensive heat presses. With premium features such as adjustable pressure, digital controls, ez-glide drawer, ergonomic-assist platen closing, precise full platen pressure and heavy-duty steel frame, the unit offers the best performance / value in the mid-range category.


With an overall transfer area of 33”x 43” the PTM-110 is the perfect complement to the medium-sized Mutoh RJ-900X.


InkJetBiz Software Bundle—Cloud Based


Included with the 44-inch dye sub package is our exclusive IJB Software Bundle. This bundle are three different types of software enhancements which are:


  • Cloud-based Design Software with large array of images and templates
  • ICC Profiles for Both Macs and PCs
  • Software Guides to Using Cricut and Silhouette Design Software with IJB Printers


The IJB Software Bundle includes an online graphical design capability that encompasses image and photo editing tools within a rich, canvas-based workspace. With the first-year annual subscription included with the GO DS family, there a number of features that include a library of 30,000 customizable design templates plus 500,000 stock photos and images, with the capability to access up to 140 million images, 300 premium fonts and many unique imaging tools. Users are able to upload their own images and custom fonts as required.


Designed to meet multiple deployment applications, the features are optimized for sublimation printing, but also include graphics for social media, blogging, animation, advertising, marketing and events. Users are encouraged to use pre-built templates for for advertising their businesses on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr with the ability to add animations, custom typography, shapes, icons and stickers. The Photo Editor then adds layered editing, intuitive cropping tools, transparency settings, pre-built filters and blur effects. Designs can be stored online within a centralized repository and made available for download across multiple file formats such as JPG, PNG and PDF.


CADLink Digital Factory Dye Sub Edition


Designed for simplicity without limiting functionality with easy to use, professional color management software that includes print production tools not found in most sublimation software solutions. Quickly create patterns and templates, edit images on the fly, and optimize your output with more control than your out of the box drivers. This version of CADLink is specifically for use with the Mutoh RJ-900X.


SubliMate Dye Sub Ink and Paper


IJB SubliMate Dye Sub ink is manufactured by Prism Inks in the Silicon Valley. Prism Inks is a manufacturing company to InkJetBiz and acts as the dealer for Prism Inks. With incredibly deep blacks and an outstanding color gamut from our CMY colored inks, our SubliMate inks are of the highest quality. Added to this mix is our SubliMate Dye Sub paper, a hybrid paper for many different dye sub applications.


What are the IJB advantages?


The Mutoh RJ-900X Bundle with Mogk Heat Press offer the following advantages:


  • Full turnkey system for doing all overs on 44-inches and under.
  • Mutoh’s RJ-900X is one of the best selling 44-inch dye sub printers available. It just works.
  • Our SubliMate Ink is manufactured in the USA and without a doubt offers the best value in dye sub ink today.
  • Our SubliMate Ink DX was developed specifically for the DX5 printheads being used by the RJ-900X.
  • The CADLink RIP Dye Sub edition offers the most complete dye sub feature set and works splendidly with the RJ-900X.
  • IJB’s software bundle is an exclusive offering and includes many features dye sublimation users can use to be even more successful.
  • IJB includes ICC profiles for a combination of both our SubliMate Dye Sub ink and paper.


List Price and Availability

The Mutoh RJ-900X, Mogk PTM-110, CADLink RIP for Sublimation, SubliMate Dye Sub ink and paper are available from stock now and have a list price of $14,495.


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