Letter-sized Comparison






Many of our customers inquire as to how our SubliMate LS system compares to the SG 400 from Sawgrass. As you imagine, there is no comparison! As you can see above, our printer price is only $200 and with kit is $299. The equivalent Sawgrass system is $599, a $300 increase for technology which was introduced over ten years ago.


With the reduction in our dye-sub price to $22 per 140 ml bottle, the disparity in price is stunning. Sawgrass CMY is literally 15 times more expensive than IJB’s SubliMate Ink. The Sawgrass dye-sub paper is 50% more expensive than IJB’s SubliMate dye-sub paper.


The Facts


  • The Sawgrass letter-size system is $300 more expensive.
  • The Sawgrass dye-sub ink is up 15 times more expensive
  • The Sawgrass dye-sub paper is 50% more expensive.
  • The Sawgrass offering is all around RICOH, not EPSON’s latest technology.


IJB Specifications


  • IJB’s Dye-Sub Ink is Made in the U.S.A. in the Silicon Valley.
  • IJB’s SubliMate Dye-Sub Ink has a List Price of $22 per 140 ml Bottle.
  • IJB’s SubliMate Dye-Sub Ink was Developed Specifically for the EPSON ET Series MicroTFP Print Head.
  • IJB’s Letter-sized Dye-Sub Paper has a List Price of $13.50 for 110 Sheets.
  • IJB’s Letter-sized Kit has a List Price of $99


InkjetBiz offers great pricing and great discounts to our customers.


IJB’s SubliMate Dye Sub Ink, Paper and ICC profiles are available immediately from InkJetBiz.


More Info

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