Sawgrass Dye Sub Ink to Cotton:Only $99—You Don’t Have to Buy a New Printer


Are you a current user of Sawgrass dye sub ink and need to be able to dye sub to cotton without having to buy a new printer or lots of add-on equipment? InkJetBiz now has some wonderful news for you. Can you say Fuze?


IJB’s Fuze solution is really simple. All you have to do is Spray and Dry. This means you spray the Fuze solution on the cotton and once it is dry, you can then transfer your Sawgrass Dye Sub image to the cotton. There is no need for special ink, special paper, special equipment or any other add-ons other than an applicator to spray the Fuze solution on to the cotton.


We can hear you thinking, “oh, it must be expensive?” No, the cost per liter for Fuze is $59. Your first purchase should include the applicator and it is $99, including one liter of Fuze.


Easy Subli is Expensive


Easy Subli is a very expensive solution and here is why. If you already own a Sawgrass printer and have used their traditional dye sub ink, guess what? You need to purchase a new printer or risk voiding your warranty. Yes, you must buy a new printer. Not only this, but you must buy a desktop cutter (approximately $400), Siser vinyl ($110) and Siser Masking Media ($50), which means you will be out of pocket over $1,000 just to be able to image to cotton using Sawgrass dye sub ink.


$99 or $1000?


The IJB solution is only $99 (applicator and one liter of Fuze) and after the initial purchase the price for a liter is only $59. Not only is the initial cost lower for Fuze, but the ongoing costs are far lower (we will address this in another blog posting).


If you are a current user of Sawgrass dye sub ink, why not try our Fuze solution? And, Fuze also works with Easy Subli ink as well. It is much lower cost and a breeze to use. Just remember…Spray and Dry


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