Perfect No Weed, No Cut for Black and Dark Garments Using White Toner Printers Shockline is Europe’s leading manufacturer of transfer papers for use with the OKI transfer printers. With a complete range of media, InkJetBiz is launching the first of this media which is called FC TopDarkNew 04 Two-Step Weedless Transfer Paper. This media was developed to be used with OKI’s white toner printers. An overview is as follows:
  • high-Performance 2-Step Weedless Transfer Paper to Transfer White Toner to Black, Light and Colored Garments
  • Provides Outstanding Opacity for Dark Garments and Surfaces
  • Low Processing Temperature (284°F/140°C)
  • Low-Temperature Applications for Items such as Polypropylene Bags (with B-Sheet)
  • Easy Two-Step Application Allowing User Flexibility
  • Quick and Easy Two-Paper Workflow
  • Industry Accepted Stretchability, Good Hand and Impressive Washability
  • Compatible with CADLink Digital Factory OKI TT Edition Software
  • Manufactured Specifically for OKI Pro9541WT, OKI Pro8432WT and OKI 711WT
  • Available in 8.5” x 11” (50, A+B Sheets) and 11” x 17” (50, A+B Sheets) with larger size coming soon
Pricing The pricing for 50 sets of letter-sized media is $99 and for 50 sets of tabloid-sized media is $189. Ideal Applications Application possibilities include transfers onto dark, light and colored t-shirts, metallic foil transfers on black and light t-shirts, polyester, polyester blend and more. More Info For more information please feel free to call InkJetBiz at 1-408-394-7595, send an email to or go to