EPSON continues to launch new market-leading products for a variety of different applications. One of the latest large format 24-inch printers to be launched by EPSON is the new T3170X. This is great news, and even better, InkJetBiz will also be offering this product for very specialized applications.


Introducing the EPSON T3170X


The T3170X is the first large format EPSON printer to incorporate the ET philosophy of cartridge-free printing. As most are aware, IJB currently offers kits for making ET desktop printers into both dye-sub and screen printing imagers. IJB was one of the first companies in the world to offer inks that were developed specifically for EPSON’s MicroTFP print heads. And now, with the launch of the T3170X, we again leading the market with inks specifically developed for ET large format series, such as the T3170X.



Quick EPSON T3170X Printer Specs:


  • New microTFP Printhead
  • Rolls up to 24-inches in width and cut-sheet up to 24.4-inches
  • 140 Ml Bottles of CMYK dye ink included
  • Windows / Mac drivers
  • Printer stand and take-up reel optional
  • Wasatch SoftRIP driver available for both dye sublimation and color separation coming soon



List Price


The list price for the EPSON T3170X will be $2,595. Our users will be able to select either the dye-sub version of the printer, which will include four 140 ml bottles of our FabriMate Dye-sub ink or our ScreenMate version which will include three 140 ml bottles of ScreenMate ink.



More Info

For more information please feel free to call InkJetBiz at 1-408-394-7595, send an email to or go to