What is Cricut Infusible Ink?


Recently there has been a great deal of press regarding the impending release of the new Infusion Ink Process from Cricut. This new “wonder” ink is being touted as one of the most amazing new feature-rich inks to be launched in some time. In fact, Cricut has been able to convince Michael’s, the largest arts and specialty crafts retailer in the U.S., to partner together for an exclusive six-month launch of this new ink. No doubt this is an excellent strategy for quickly launching this product into the market.


What is Infusible Ink?


Infusible Ink is a new product being launched by Cricut. The product includes preprinted transfer sheets and marking pens for transferring to a variety of substrates, all polyester based. In both cases the transfers are permanently infused into the base material and actually become part of the material. There is no flaking, no peeling, no cracking and the transfers are like dye…a user cannot feel the image. The transfers come in a box of four in 12”x12” sizes priced at $17.99. The pens come in a pack of 5 colors for $14.99 and include both traditional colors and neon colors. The pens can be used in the Cricut unit or can be used to do hand drawings onto laser paper for transferring.


Is Infusible Ink New?


The fact is, Cricut has done a wonderful job of repositioning a standard ink which has been available for many years by creating a new product branded Infusible Ink.  Infusible Ink is actually dye sublimation ink packaged into a small pen format or printed on transfer sheets for transferring onto polyester substrates. Like sublimation ink, the ink is applied to paper and then the transfer sheet is placed on top of the substrate to be transferred using a modified iron / heat press. The bottom line: Infusible Ink is just a dye sublimation ink and works in exactly the same manner.


In our next blog post we will address how Infusible Ink compares to digital dye sub ink.


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