Mutoh Large Format Take-up Systems


Mutoh XpertJet 1642WR and Mutoh XpertJet 1682WR Printers Take-ups


Recently InkJetBiz (IJB) initiated offering the XpertJet HD (Heavy Duty) Feed and Take-up System for the Mutoh XpertJet 1682WR printer and XpertJet 1642WR printers. InkJetBiz is now pleased to announce an additional two new take-up systems for these printers. An overview of all three take-ups is as follows:


Mutoh Economy 64-inch Take-up System (VJ16/19-TUP30U)


The Economy Take-up 64- to 72-inch system from Mutoh is able to accommodate rolls of media weighing up to 66 pounds. The take-up system operates on a continuous take-up basis with adjustable torque limiters. The unit ships with both two-inch and three-inch adapters. The list price for this unit is $895 and is available from InkJetBiz immediately.


This unit is compatible with both the XPJ1642WR and XPJ1682WR.


Mutoh XpertJet HD (Heavy Duty) Feed and Take-up System (IJ-TUP100-01)


The new XpertJet HD feed and take-up system can hold rolls up to 220 pounds which allows roll-to-roll XpertJet 1682WR customers to run heavy dye-sub paper rolls flawlessly through their printers. Additionally, the HD system comes with adjustable tension bars as well as adjustable feed and take-up roll holders to ensure the system is parallel to the printer’s platen. This is important for those customers who need to run those long jobs can print with confidence knowing their media will transport through the printer accurately.


Added features of the XpertJet HD Take-up for the XPJ1682WR and XPJ1642WR are:


  • Accepts inside and outside wound materials
  • Relocated power switch and power plug to front control arm for easier access
  • Adjustable tension bars
  • Adjustable feed and take-up roll holders
  • Supports media up to 220 pounds with a maximum roll diameter of 9.8″ or less
  • Supports media up to 64″ wide
  • List Price: $5,646




The Mutoh Economy, Standard and XpertJet HD take-up systems are available immediately from InkJetBiz.


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