Which Crio 8432 White Toner Printer System is for You


InkJetBiz recently announced four new exclusive Crio 8432WDT toner transfer systems. These systems were developed to provide options and to help determine what a user should purchase when buying a Crio 8432WDT printer or a complete integrated system.


Select the Right Crio 8432WDT System


We have more good news about our offering of the Crio 8432WDT printer and accessories. We have created an excellent tool that will assist you in your selection of which version of the Crio 8432WDT is right for you. This new landing page/tool is located at Crio 8432WDT Landing Page and provides complete information on the four systems being offered by IJB.


Base, Better, Best and Super Crio 8432WDT Systems


The team at IJB has many years of offering toner transfer products. Based on these years of experience, we created four separate systems which address different parts of the market. These integrated systems were built by adding or changing features based on what customers have purchased in the past. The four packages range in capability from the Crio 8432WDT Base and transition to the Better, Best and Super systems. These exclusive systems include features anyone entering the toner transfer business will likely require.


To review what is included with the four systems, please go to: Crio 8432WDT Landing Page.


IJB Exclusives – Software and Transfer Kits


Included with all four systems is the online graphic design software along with the IJB Transfer Kit. Additionally, for those who may wish to work with Mac-based systems, IJB offers the ColorMate TT RIP as an option. For added information on the software and transfer kit, please go to Crio 8432WDT Landing Page.


Where Do You Start?


To learn more about the four different systems, please go to: Crio 8432WDT Landing Page or better yet, why not give us a call at +1 (408) 394-7595. Our professional staff has helped thousands of customers with their needs. We know that we can help you make this important decision regarding the purchase of the Crio 8432WDT and the components needed to successfully start your toner transfer business.


Need to talk now? Please call +1 (408) 394-7595, and we will gladly talk you through your requirements so that you make the correct purchasing decision.


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