InkJetBiz has a variety of social media outlets and is very active in this area. One of the fastest growing parts of our social media activities is our IJB YouTube channel located here: InkJetBiz – YouTube.


InkJetBiz has been busy populating its YouTube Channel with product information, technical data, installation instructions, application ideas and much more. In fact, we have been updating our site with new information on a bi-weekly basis so it makes sense to click on the subscribe button so that you are notified of new videos. We are now up to 14 videos and expect to have many more shortly.


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Top 5 IJB Videos


Five of our very popular videos are as follows:


GO T3170x SP ScreenMate Screen Print Film Positive System–24″ All Black Color Separation Printer

Design, Print and Transfer Using Silhouette Studio Software and SubliMate Dye Sub System


Xpress 1620SA Swing-Away Heat Press with Caddie Stand–Product Presentation

Design, Print and Transfer Using CriCut Design Space Software and SubliMate Dye Sub System

Applying GO FUZE Handheld Sysyem on Cotton T-Shirt



If you have any ideas for new videos, please feel free to write to or go to and fill out the Contact Us form.


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