InkJetBiz to Launch New Dye Sub Printer


Mutoh XPJ1642WR Dye Sub Printer Launched in November


  • 64-inch Four Color Dye Sub Printer
  • Automatic Nozzle Cleaning and Detection
  • Enhanced Media Handling Capabilities
  • Media Tracker for Cost Controls
  • Works with Mutoh Dye Sublimation Ink DH21
  • Supports All Types of Dye Sub Papers from Thin to Thick


New XPJ1642WR


With the discontinuation of the ValueJet 1638WX, Mutoh required a replacement and the XpertJet 1642WR is it. The XPJ1642WR is a fully featured with an expected lower list price than the recently launched XPJ1682WR. This fully featured printer is perfect when paired with Mutoh DH21 Dye Sub Ink and GO SubliMate Dye Sub Paper.


The XPJ-1642WR features two brand new ultra-wide Mutoh AccuFine piezo variable drop print heads, installed in a staggered configuration. In combination with Mutoh’s new proprietary i-screen weaving technology, the new print heads will deliver exceptional print quality at higher production speeds time after time.


Targeted at the sublimation transfer market, the XpertJet 1642WR dye sublimation printer will deliver high quality graphics for transfer onto all possible flexible and rigid polyester materials: in-store textile décor graphics and displays, soft signage and graphics for events and tradeshows, home decoration, flags and pennants, sports goods, promotional items apparel such as fashion, blouses, sportswear, outdoor jackets and T-shirts. The XPJ-1642WR will also print directly onto closed coated polyester fabrics or mixed fibers.


The XPJ-1642WR is ready for production: rolls can be easily mounted thanks to newly designed media core flanges. Additionally, continuous printing is made possible with the different motorized take-up systems available from Mutoh. The XPJ-1642WR is able to use the Mutoh Economy 64-inch Take-up System (VJ16/19-TUP30U), the Mutoh Standard 64-inch Take-up System (VJ16/19-TUP30U) or the Mutoh XpertJet HD (Heavy Duty) Feed and Take-up System (IJ-TUP100-01). All of the Mutoh take-up systems are available from InkJetBiz.


Availability / Pricing


Mutoh America has not officially launched the XPJ1642WR yet but expects to launch this unit in late November. InkjetBiz will be a premier provider of this product when it does become available.


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