InkjetBiz Releases Seven New Desktop Heat Presses


Complete Offering of Heat Presses from IJB


InkJetBiz is expanding its offering of its Xpress™ line of heat presses with the addition of seven new units. Working with one of the world’s largest manufacturers of heat presses, the InkJetBiz line now includes eleven different units.


Seven New Units


Our new units have been developed to our market requirements and include:


  • Xpress™ 1620CS Clam Shell (new standard platen configuration)
  • Xpress™ Xpress 1620SA Swing Away (new configuration)
  • Xpress™ 1620 Dual Manual Heat Press
  • Xpress™ 1620 Dual Electric Heat Press
  • Xpress™ Dual Manual Mug Press
  • Xpress™ Dual Electric Mug Press
  • Xpress™ 5-in-1 Mug Press


Clamshell / Swing Away Single Flat Presses—Dye Sub and Toner Transfers


Our flat press line up has been enhanced to include new versions of our clam shell and swing away presses. Our upgraded Xpress™ 1620CS 16”x 20” platen has the platen orientation changed so that it is easier to place the garment or other substrate on the platen in the long direction. This unit was developed specifically for the dye sublimation market. The 1620CS has a list price of $599.


The 1620SA 16”x 20” swing away unit has been updated to our latest format and technology making it even more of a formidable competitor in the market. The application for this unit is both toner transfers and dye sublimation. The 1620SA has a list price of $1,249.


Dual 16”x 20” Heat Flat Presses—Double the Efficiency


One of the most exciting additions to our Xpress™ family of heat presses is our manual and electric powered dual station heat presses. With two lower platens, the units provide double the efficiency of our single platen units. The Dual Manual press has two 16”x 20” lower platens and is operated manually by the user. The Dual Electric press has two 16”x 20” lower platens and is ergonomically designed for ease of use. The Dual Manual press has a list price of $2,299 and the Dual Electric version has a list price of $3,999.


Both units are stand alone and do not require an air compressor.


Mug Presses Expanded—Professional Choice

Our mug press lineup has been enhanced to include three new units with far more efficiencies than our single station mug units. We now are offering two new dual mug press units with dual manual and dual electric mug presses. Additionally, we have added a 5-in-1 press that allows a user to image up to five mugs per cycle. The list price for the dual manual press is $319 and for the electric version $359. The 5-in-1 unit is priced at $599.


With the exception of our 5-in-1 unit, all of our mug presses offer interchangeable and different sized mug elements from 2.5 ounces up to 17 ounces. All units ship standard with 11 ounce mug elements including our 5-in-1 unit, which does not offer interchangeable sizes.



All of our units are in inventory and ready to ship immediately.


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