New GO Fuze Applicator Bottle


Best Dye Sub to Cotton Now Better


We are sure you have been hearing about this great new technology that allows a user to image dye sub ink on cotton. Yes, the rumblings you have been hearing are about the Fuze™ solution from InkJetBiz.


New Applicator Bottle


If you have not tried our GO Fuze™ solution, now is the time. We have improved our system with a new GO Fuze™ Applicator Bottle. The reason we changed our bottle was to improve the mist placement and to improve the saturation of Fuze solution on the garment. Our R&D team tested multiple bottles and decided this bottle fit our purposes the best. The prices have not changed.


The GO Fuze™ Kits – including our new applicator bottle – are now included with the GO ET-2720 DS, GO ET-15000 DS and GO T3170x DS turnkey systems. The GO Fuze Kits include:


  • GO Fuze™ Liquid Solution – 1 Liter Bottle
  • GO Fuze™ Handheld Applicator
  • Acrylic Mounting Plate
  • GO Fuze™ Roller
  • Polyester Portective Fabric
  • The three sizes of kits include 8.5”x 14”, 11”x 17” and 13”x 19”


Currently InkJetBiz is providing this kit Free of charge with each full turnkey InkJetBiz dye sub system. This promotion may end at any time.


The list price for GO Fuze™ one liter-bottles is $59.


Just Spray & Press


GO Fuze dye sub to cotton is so easy to use. All a user has to do is spray the Fuze solution using our new applicator bottle, use the roller to insure the solution is covering the cotton and then heat press to dry. Once the solution is dry, just dye sub the fabric using your normal process. It could not be easier!



More Info


If you would like more info on GO Fuze, please see our range of application videos located here:


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