InkjetBiz Offers Giant 104-inch Dye Sub Printer


Introducing Mutoh ValueJet 2638WX Dye Sublimation Printer


InkjetBiz is now introducing the largest printer ever sold by InkJetBiz, the Mutoh VJ-2638WX Dye Sub Printer. Yes, InkJetBiz has come a long way from offering its first 8.5”x 14” dye sub printer, the GO ET-2720 DS turnkey solution to the huge 104-inch VJ-2638WX.


Mutoh VJ-2638WX Dye Sub Printer Overview


Mutoh’s ValueJet 2638WX is a 104-inch grand format printer with a staggered dual-head design for faster production speeds to create super-wide images with unmatched quality. With print speeds of 1,168 square feet / hour and print widths that are over eight feet wide, the VJ-2638WX not only saves you time and money but is also capable of producing high-quality dye sub images.


Mutoh VJ-2638WX Applications


Application Possibilities Explore new revenue opportunities such as high quality in-store textile decoration and displays, textile banners, pop-ups, sportswear, personalized home decoration, curtains, linen, marketing promotional items, sports apparel and much more.


Mutoh VJ-2638WX Features


A list of the features of the VJ-2638WX is as follows:

  • 104-inch Dye Sublimation Printer
  • Up to Eight Colors
  • Staggered Dual Print heads with Speeds Up to 1,168 Square Feet / Hour
  • Compatible with Mutoh’s DH-21 Dye Sub Ink
  • Open Architecture Software RIP
  • Automatic Sheet Off Function
  • Media Support Cradle
  • Heavy Duty Take-up System Included


Availability / Price


The Mutoh VJ-2638WX is available immediately from InkjetBiz including SubliMate Dye Sub Ink and SubliMate Dye Sub Paper. The VJ-2638 has a list price of $49,995.


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