Pay $1.00* More When Buying with Your New Crio 8432WT

Exclusive IJB Pay Off Plan

Can it be true? Is it possible to pay only $1 when buying a new Crio 8432WT printer and receive enough media to possibly make $8,000? The answer is yes.

When purchasing a new Crio 8432WT printer from InkJetBiz, pay an added $1 and you will receive 200 sets of Shock Line TopDarkNew (8.5”x 11”) and 150 sets of Shock Line TopCut One (8.5”x 11”) transfer media. You will then be able to sell 200 black or dark t-shirts at up to $25 each and 150 white and light t-shirts for $20 each for a total value of $8,000. With the Crio 8432WT list price of $7,995, you may be able to recoup your initial investment using the guidelines below. Here are the details:

-Sell 200 Black and Dark T-shirts $25 each = $5,000
-Sell 150 White and Light T-shirts = $3,000
-Total Value: $8,000 (Cost of 8432WT plus $1 for all the media = $7,996)

Yes, we know that customized T-shirts may have higher or lower pricing in your market, but with this Shock Line Paper option, you are well on the way to starting your Garment Decoration Business.

Other Freebies with Your Crio IJB Bundle

The IJB Bundle includes the Crio printer, Shock Line paper, CADLink RIP, GO Online Design Pro App (Free 1-Year Subscription), CMYW Toner, Crio Support Tablet, IJB Transfer Kit and Live Training and Support. No Garments are included.

Need a Heat Press?

Add an Xpress 1620SA (Swing Away) for only $1,479.

Optional macOS RIP?

If you are a Macintosh user, we offer the GO ColorMate TT RIP for Mac as an option.

Financing Required?

We can help you here as well. Call 1.408.349.7595 NOW to get started.

*The Shock Line Paper bundle is only available when purchased with a new Crio 8432WT for $7,995 from IJB. Suggested retail pricing for the customized white, light, dark and black shirts was derived from Amazon and other outlets. Pricing may differ in your region, and you will need to price accordingly. There is no guarantee that you will be able to sell your shirts for the amount outlined above. This plan starts on April 1, 2023, and will end on May 31,2023 or when supplies run out, whichever occurs first

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