According to a recent article covering social media, there are over 3.5 billion active users of social media. Yes, this is an incredible number of participants on social media. Based on this amazing statistic, it is easy to understand why a company such as InkjetBiz would spend so much time providing social media information to its user base? In today’s blog posting we will provide an overview of the ”what’s and why’s” of InkJetBiz’ s social media endeavors.


What is Social Media?


Before we dive into the details, it is essential to explain what we mean by the term “social media” marketing. At its most basic, it is a blanket term that covers connecting with your audience via major social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok or, company blogs such as our InkJetBiz Blog.


InkJetBiz and Social Media


Over the past two years InkJetBiz has become a major participant in using social media with the goal to provide our customers with comprehensive information about our products. In fact, InkJetBiz has found its customers parallel what Hootsuite discovered in February 2022, that the major uses of the Internet and social media are as follows:


  • Finding Information – 72%
  • Researching How to Do Things – 65%
  • Researching Brands – 57%
  • Finding New Ideas – 51%
  • Education – 40%


Additionally, InkJetBiz has continued to develop a strong presence in the digital imaging space and will continue to invest in social media activities to improve or enhance the following areas:


  • Direct Customer Connection
  • Customer Responsiveness Improvement
  • Increased Brand Information
  • Industry Education
  • Understanding Customers Requirements
  • Product Support
  • New Product Ideas
  • Specialty Application Training


Currently InkJetBiz has social media sites on all of the major platforms. If you would like to follow or contribute to our social media, please go to the following sites:



Future InkJetBiz Social Media


There are an ever-growing number of social media platforms being developed and launched. InkJetBiz will continue to explore different avenues and platforms to address the needs of our customers. We are currently investigating other formats and media, including:


  • Social Audio Formats
  • Different Types of Media Platforms
  • Disappearing Content Formats (such as Snapchat)
  • Discussion Forums
  • Live Stream Seminars


We continually post new information using all different types of social media outlets. We expect this activity to continue. The best way to stay informed about our activities is to sign up on our platforms and watch our Blog for updates. Additionally, InkJetBiz is always interested in receiving any new ideas or comments regarding how our social media content can be improved.


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