For so many years screen printers had to rely on traditional imagesetters for providing film positives for their screens. Not only were the traditional image setters expensive to purchase, but the running costs for the chemicals and films made the purchase cost-prohibitive for most screen printers. In fact, most screen printers traditionally outsourced their film positive printing.



EPSON ET-16500 13″ x 19″ System

Can you imagine that we are offering with our ScreenMate ET-16500 Kit offers far more capabilities with a minimal investment of only $395 for a Kit? Of course, you will need to purchase the EPSON ET-16500 for about $900, but when you add the contents of our kit, the total system offers industrial capabilities at desktop pricing.



What’s Included in the ET-16500 Kit

The ET-16500 includes:



  • Wasatch Consumer RIP for Separations
    • Includes InRIP Color Separations
    • Includes ETR (Extra Toner Resolution) for Up to 85 LPI
    • Includes Screens and Angles



ET-16500 List Price and Refills

The List Price for the Kit is $395. All you need to do is add an EPSON ET-16500 printer and you will now have a complete 13″x 19″ film positive/color separation system. The list price for 140 mls of ScreenMate Ink is $45 and for 100 sheets of 13” x 19” micro porous coated film is $69. Both our ScreenMate Ink and Film are of the highest quality in our industry.


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