Live from InkJetBiz – Everything You Want to Know About T-shirt Transfers


Date: August 17th, 2022


Time: 11:00 AM PST


Where: IJB Online Training (Registration Form)


Are you thinking about entering the garment decoration business or adding new capabilities to your current company? Then you do not want to miss the latest seminar presented by InkJetBiz. This newest seminar will cover everything you want to know about t-shirt transfers. The following is an overview of what will be presented:


  • Why Crio is the best solution for decorating black, dark, light and white t-shirts.
  • What accessories are required to start the business?
  • Why all heat presses are not created equal, and which ones are best for this application.
  • Review of different types of heat presses and what is recommended for your business.
  • Information regarding the exclusive cloud-based graphics design software that is usable with Mac and PC platforms (included at no charge).
  • Data on the new Mac-based RIP software for Crio.
  • Exclusive start-up kit bundled at no charge with each Crio unit.
  • Summary of four exclusive toner transfer systems ranging from a Base System to a Super System.
  • Hands-on Overview of Crio 8432WDT and associated heat presses.
  • Live demonstration of t-shirt transfers for both white and black garments.
  • Ongoing training and support programs, including the exclusive Crio Support Tablet, are provided at no cost to our customers.


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