GO Fuze™ Dye Sub to Cotton Solution “Spray and Press”


“Spray and Press”



With the recent launch of IJB Fuze™, our dye sub to cotton solution, users have asked about its actual application to cotton. We recommend two different methods for applying our Fuze™ liquid: handheld applicator or an automatic applicator.


IJB Fuze™ with Hand Applicator


Using a handheld applicator will be sufficient for most users of Fuze™. Although IJB offers a handheld applicator as part of a bundle start-up, a similar unit can be purchased locally. The most important factor is that the applicator must have adjustable spray stream. With our unit, we set the spray on mist and as we say, “Spray and Press,” and that is what a user literally does. It helps to ensure the Fuze™ liquid penetrates the cotton and so a quick swipe with a squeegee can be helpful. Once this is done, a user can heat press for approximately 20 seconds and if dry, the transfer can start immediately.


We offer the combination of one liter of Fuze™ solution with our 1.5 liter applicator bottle at a list price of $99. A liter of IJB Fuze™ retails for $59.


IJB Fuze™ with Automatic PreTreater


For those who will be using Fuze™ on an industrial basis it is recommended to use a pretreater like those that are used for DTG pretreatment. These units are very precise with the amount of Fuze™ being applied and the process is automatic which means a user can do other things while the spray is being applied. InkJetBiz offers its IJB Fuze™ PreTreat unit for a list price of $3,150 that also includes four (4) liter bottles of IJB Fuze™. When using the PreTreat unit, it is also recommended to use a squeegee or paint roller to make sure the Fuze™ penetrates the cotton for good dye sub ink adhesion.


Why Fuze™?


  • Works with virtually any dye-sub ink, including Sawgrass
  • Works with virtually any dye-sub paper, including Sawgrass
  • The same ink is used for both cotton and polyester
  • Our cost for Fuze™ with the applicator is $99 and $59 per liter thereafter
  • There are no other equipment costs
  • Dye-sub to cotton is easy. All you have to do is Spray and Press!



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