IJB 24-inch Screen Print System with CADLink® RIP–Top Ten Reasons for FilmMaker


24-inch Screen Print System with CADLink® RIP


Top Ten Reasons for FilmMaker


The Top Ten Reasons InkJetBiz is bundling the FilmMaker RIP with its 24-inch Screen Print Turnkey System include the following:



  • World’s most widely used inkjet film separation RIP software with a direct driver for the T3170x
  • Films are printed with proper density and precisely screened for entry level to professional screen printers
  • The set-up wizard is easy and allows a user to be up and running quickly
  • A screen printer can print directly from their favorite design application or use FilmMaker’s professional workflow
  • Both single or multiple ScreenMate™ high density black ink is supported
  • Ink density is enhanced using the ink density wizard
  • High-quality precision screening with multiple sized dots for unmatched screen output
  • Moire patterns are virtually eliminated with LPI levels of up to 150 line screen
  • Complete halftone controls for angles, shapes and application halftones along with advanced registration mark set-up with markup tools
  • Ships standard with the ability to perform InRIP color separations, not a separate upgrade charge


The CADLink® FilmMaker RIP comes standard with IJB’s 24-inch screen print turnkey system.


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