CADLink is Now Standard RIP for Toner Printers


Over the past years InkjetBiz has sold both the CADLink RIP and Forever RIP for use with OKI textile transfer printers. We have recently stopped offering the Forever RIP and are now focusing on just the CADLink RIP.


Why CADLink?


Support for virtually all widely used OKI printers available today. From entry-level printers to professional level Pro-Series printers, Digital Factory v10 OKI Edition RIP software provides an unmatched pre-production and print workflow feature set alongside complete color management tools that include industry-leading, automated white toner handling.


Not only does CADLink support all of the OKI textile transfer printers, but CADLink also supports thousands of printers.



Are there other versions of CADLink?


CADLink offer other versions of their software for specific applications including:


  • Digital Factory DTG
  • Digital Factory Print and Cut
  • SignLab
  • FilmMaker
  • EngraveLab
  • ProfileLab


All versions (except special OEM versions) are available from IJB.


Goodbye Forever, Hello CADLink


CADLink offers far more product and products for the textile transfer market. Even more important, CADLink is less expensive than Forever. Why not try CADLink…ask for our free trial.


More Info

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