GO Xpress 2432 Large Format Manual Heat Press



  • Large Format Imaging Size of 23.6”x 31.5”
  • Easy Assist Opening with Gas Strut Springs
  • Pull Out Drawer for Quick Mounting of Images
  • Advanced LCD Controller with Multiple Capabilities
  • Timed Auto Release Platen for Efficiency


InkJetBiz is achieving a new milestone with the launch its new GO Xpress 2432 Large Format Heat Press. Targeted to users of 24-inch and under dye sub printers, the Xpress 2432 comes loaded with features that when combined with size is not matched in the market today.


Introducing the GO Xpress 2432 With the launch of a variety of new 24-inch and under dye sub systems, it became apparent the market required heat presses larger than the standard 16’x20” but smaller than the standard 30”x 40”. The GO Xpress 2432 fits this size requirement perfectly and is recommended for use with the EPSON F570, the Sawgrass VJ628 and the GO T3170x.


The GO Xpress 2432 is a table top unit that has an imaging size of 23.6”x 31.5”. The Xpress 2432 features a smooth pull out drawer for easily mounting of substrates. The upper platen offers over the center pressure controls with gas strut springs for ease of opening and closing the unit. The advanced LCD controller includes temperature control, auto-standby for energy savings and timing that activates the auto-release capability for precise transfers.


There is no other heat press that has been manufactured specifically to cover the 24-inch and under dye sublimation market. With value pricing, the GO Xpress 2432 will automatically become the leader for this targeted market.




The GO Xpress 2432 will start shipping in December 2020 and has a List Price of $3,399.


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GO Xpress 2432 Manual Heat Press


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