GO T-shirt Folder Pro


  • Easily Folds T-shirts and Garments Like a Professional
  • Fast Professional Folding Saves Time
  • Flexible High Quality PP Composite Material
  • Great Accessory for Anyone in Dye Sublimation or Toner Transfer Garment Business
  • GO T-Shirt Folder Pro | Accessory


The GO T-Shirt Folder Pro is a high-quality garment folder for quickly and efficiently folding T-shirts. The T-shirt fold is a perfect accessory for any dye sublimation, vinyl transfer or toner transfer retailer or store. The unit is very easy to use and will provide long term use for just a small cost.


Ideal Applications


The GO T-shirt Folder Pro is simply for professionally folding t-shirts and garments.


Availability and Cost


The GO T-shirt Folder Pro is available immediately and has a list price of $10.




Please contact InkJetBiz for further information regarding the GO T-Shirt Folder Pro.


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GO T-Shirt Folder Pro


More Info

For more information please feel free to call InkJetBiz at 1-408-394-7595, send an email to orders@inkjetbiz.com or go to www.inkjetbiz.com