SubliMate Dye Sub Paper


The Best Value for Dye Sub Transfers


With the launch of the new GO Dye Sub turnkey systems, one of the important components of the system is our dye sub paper. Working with one of the world’s largest paper mills, the SubliMate line of paper is known for its high quality and value pricing. Our current SubliMate paper line up includes both hybrid and tack dye sub paper.


Tack vs Hybrid – What is the difference?


The question that often arises is which paper should be used for which application? In general terms, tack paper is meant for apparel or other fabrics but is not generally recommended for hard surfaces. The tack coating includes an adhesive that adheres or tacks to the fabric. The tack is used to eliminates “ghosting” or “smudges” during the transfer process. Ghosting occurs when the paper floats when the heat press is opened and then settles on the substrate and leaves another image, and this is called ghosting. Our SubliMate Tack Dye Sub paper eliminates this issue.


Hybrid paper is a more versatile and can be used for hard surfaces and also fabric transfers. The hybrid paper does not include tack but does provide the ability to release more ink with enhanced details to the substrate, especially on hard surfaces.


All of the Sublimate dye sub papers offer world-class ink receptive coatings that allow heavy ink loading, excellent transfer yields, high-speed absorption and fast drying times.


SubliMate Paper Sizes


InkJetBiz currently offers our SubliMate Dye Sub paper in the following sizes:


  • 8.5” x 11”
  • 8.5” x 14”
  • 11”x 17”
  • 13” x 19”
  • 64” (3” core)
  • 24” Tack (2” core)
  • 24” Hybrid ( 2” core)
  • 44” Tack (3” core)
  • 64” Tack (3” core)


ICC Profiles


All of our SubliMate Dye Sub paper has ICC Profiles for SubliMate Ink and Paper as a combination. This is extremely important for those users that require color matching capabilities.


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