GO SubiMate DX Dye Sub Ink Available for Mutoh RJ-900/900x


First Self Dispersing Dye Sub Ink for DX 5 Print Heads


InkJetBiz is pleased to announce the availability of GO SubliMate Dye Sub Ink with self-dispersing technology for the Mutoh RJ-900 / Mutoh RJ-900x printers. This is a game changer for users of Mutoh RJ-900 / RJ-900X printers.


GO SubliMate Self-dispersing Dye Sub Ink for Mutoh RJ-900 / RJ-900X


InkJetBiz is the first company to offer self-dispersing dye sub ink in the world. Although this technology has been available for other types of inks, it has not been launched for dye sublimation ink. Self-dispersing dye sub particles are designed to repel one another and as a result materially increase jetting reliability, shelf life, image quality, image durability, and color consistency. Traditional dye sub inks have particles that over time start to combine and eventually cause nozzle dropouts to start, or worse, complete clogging of the print head occurs.


Mutoh RJ-900 / RJ-900X


The Mutoh RJ-900 and Mutoh RJ-900X are high speed 44-inch wide, 4-color CMYK dye sub printer which are perfect for the GO SubliMate™ DX dye sub ink. The Mutoh RJ-900X features i2 “wave” technology that eliminates banding and a new pressure roller control system that allows the operator to adjust the pressure by media type. In addition, the RJ-900X offers ultra high speed printing up to 676 sq ft/hr and high resolution imaging up to 1440 dpi. Mutoh’s RJ-900X offers an optional automatic media handling take-up system and CADLink Digital Factory (Dye Sub edition) RIP software.


GO SubliMate DX Ink / SubliMate Paper ICC Profiles


All of our SubliMate Dye Sub paper has ICC Profiles for SubliMate Ink and Paper as a combination. This is extremely important for those users that require color matching capabilities.




GO SubliMate Ink with self-dispersing dye sub ink technology is available in bottles, bags and cartridges.


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GO SubliMate DX Dye Sub Ink


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