GO ScreenMate Film Positive/Color Separation Ink–World’s Leading Digital Screen Film Ink




InkJetBiz ScreenMate Ink offers outstanding UV blocking capability and ultra-high ink dmax imaging capability.


Key Features


The key features for ScreenMate ink are as follows:


  • 99.9% of all UV light is absorbed


  • Quick drying time


  • Outstanding density for high speed imaging.


  • Works perfectly with IJB ScreenMate film and other water-resistant films.


  • Offers a dmax of up to 5.0


  • Comes standard with the GO ET-15000 SP and GO T3170x systems


  • Manufactured by Prism Inks in the U.S.A.


ScreenMate Ink Applications


Our ScreenMate ink was developed to satisfy the requirements of screen printers using inkjet printers for imaging color separations. ScreenMate was developed specifically for this application and is perfect for high production, high speed, high quality and high-density imaging.


Whether a user would like to image film positives or negatives, ScreenMate is the best option.


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