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Perfect for Both Hard Surface and Soft Goods




GO SubliMate™ Hybrid Pro Dye Sub Paper is one of the most versatile dye sub papers that can be used professionally for hard surfaces and soft goods. IJB’s new 120 gsm paper has an innovative microporous coating for sublimation, which provides the ability to provide the best hard surface and soft goods transfers. With the microporous coating, the paper is fast drying, provides short transfer times, images crisp sharp lines while making the images pop on both hard surface and soft goods. This dye sub paper is the most impressive offered by InkJetBiz.




Although the coating works incredibly well with GO SubliMate™ Dye Sub Ink, this hybrid paper is flexible enough to work with other dye sub inks as well. With its versatile microporous coating, the paper is especially formulated to work well with hard surfaces along with imaging garment and soft goods transfers.




With excellent line sharpness, these papers provide outstanding results on hard substrates for applications such as mugs, plates, bottles, skis, snowboards, garments, sportswear, soft signage and many other merchandising products.


Availability / Pricing


We are pleased to announce the release and shipment of our new and improved GO Hybrid Pro Sublimation Paper. The sizes, along with reseller prices and list prices, are as follows:


  • Hybrid PRO Dye Sublimation Sheets – 100 Sheets – 8.5″ x 11″ $ 14.00
  • Hybrid PRO Dye Sublimation Sheets – 100 Sheets – 11″ x 17” $ 27.00
  • Hybrid PRO Dye Sublimation Sheets – 100 Sheets – 13″ x 19″ $ 35.00


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