GO Fuze™ vs Easy Subli—Dye Sub to Cotton $129 vs. $1,234



With the recent launch of our GO Fuze™ cotton to dye sub solution, we have had many inquiries as to the difference between GO Fuze™ and Easy Subli. Although some say, they are really different types of products, we find the objectives basically the same: dye sub to cotton.


GO Fuze™—Spray and Press


GO Fuze™ is actually very simple to understand and to use. All a user must do is spray our solution on the cotton garment, make sure the solution penetrates the garment and then “Fuze™” the solution into the cotton by heat pressing it for approximately 20 seconds. Once the garment is dry, the user transfers the image in a normal manner using their standard dye sub ink and paper workflow. There is no need for special ink, special paper, special equipment, long waiting times, it is just as simple as we have indicated here. Fuze™ works with all brands of dye sub ink and dye sub paper.


GO Fuze™ Price—Start for Only $129


The list price for GO Fuze™ is $59 per liter. On the first purchase we recommend that you purchase a hand applicator, acrylic plate, teflon sheet and roller kit or use an automatic pretreat machine. The initial purchase price for the hand applicator kit plus one liter of ink is only $129, a very low-cost investment to be able to image dye sublimation to cotton.


Easy Subli Vinyl Transfer—System is Over $1,200


Easy Subli is a printable vinyl which uses one special “expensive” dye sub ink from Sawgrass. Since the Easy Subli ink from Sawgrass is not compatible with other versions of their dye sub ink (in fact, it fully voids the printer warranty if ink is interchanged), a user must buy a brand new printer to use this system. Additionally, a digital cutter, weeding tools, two different types of vinyl and media bringing the cost to over $1,200 to simply transfer printed vinyl to cotton. Here is listing of the costs for a letter-sized vinyl to cotton solution:


  • Sawgrass Letter-sized Printer with Starter Kit (CMY 20 mls and K 31 mls) $599
  • GCC 24-inch Cutter $450
  • Siser Vinyl $110 (50 sheets)
  • Siser Masking Media $50 (50 sheets)
  • Siser Weeding Tools $25
  • Please Note: a Refill Kit of ink is priced at $328


Yes, an incredible $1,234 to transfer dye sublimation vinyl to cotton. Even more important is the process is very time consuming and needs extensive drying before the application occurs.


GO Fuze™ vs Easy Subli Cost / Image–$1.00 vs. $3.20


As outlined above the initial cost for IJB Fuze™ is $99 and for Easy Subli over $1,200, a tremendous price difference. Based on this one would think the ongoing consumable costs for Easy Subli would be very low. Here is the cost per letter-sized t-shirt transfer (not including ink) for Easy Subli for one image:


  • Vinyl: $2.20
  • Mask: $1.00
  • Total: $3.20


What is the cost of using IJB Fuze™ on a letter sized image? The cost for the Fuze™ solution is approximately $0.85 per garment plus the cost of the dye sub paper, which can range between $0.12 to $0.20 (IJB’s price is $0.12 per letter-size sheet). For comparison purposes, we can say $1.00 vs. $3.20 for a letter-sized image.


Once you add the high priced, special version ink at $328 per kit to the equation, using Easy Subli is just too expensive and time consuming.


Why GO Fuze™?


Why is the GO Fuze™ solution better for you and your customer? Here are the reasons for “Why GO Fuze™:”


  • No Huge Investment
  • Please Note: a Refill Kit of ink is priced at $328
  • No Special Ink
  • No Special Paper
  • No Special Equipment
  • No Weeding or Cutting
  • No Lengthy Drying Prior to Adhering the Vinyl to Cotton
  • No Vinyl Feel
  • No Extensive Learning Curve
  • No Absorbitant Costs / Image


Remember, “Spray and Press,” the better dye sub to cotton solution.


IJB Fuze™ is a clearly superior and a more cost-effective offering. Why not try IJB Fuze™?


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