GO Fuze™ Application “Spray and Press”


GO Fuze™ Dye Sub to Cotton Application


“Spray and Press”



When using GO Fuze™, it is important to ensure that the proper amount of Fuze™ solution is deposited on the cotton garment. There are two ways of achieving this objective: Hand Applicator or Automatic PreTreat machine.



Hand-Held Fuze™  Applicator


The lowest cost method of applying Fuze™ solution is by using a hand-held applicator. Although theoretically any spray bottle will work, it is much better to use a spray bottle which controls the amount of liquid being applied. Our hand-held Applicator works well because of its use of a machined brass nozzle which can be easily adjusted from a gentle mist to a strong pressurized stream. Generally it is suggested that you use a mist setting for applying the Fuze™ solution. The cost for the Applicator plus one liter of GO Fuze™ solution is $99.



GO Fuze™ with Automatic PreTreater Module Unit


For those who are expecting to industrially coat cotton garments, an automatic pre-treat normally used for DTG applications is recommend. IJB offers its Fuze™ PreTreater, a 16”x 21.2” automatic unit which takes seconds to spray a full cotton garment. The application of the amount of Fuze™ liquid is precisely controlled with a spray cycle every few seconds. The unit is fully self contained for easy cleaning. This is a fully self-contained unit and has a list price of $3,150 and includes four liters of IJB Fuze solution.


“Spray and Press”


As we have indicated previously, applying the Fuze™ solution could not be easier: just “Spray and Press.” There is one small intermediate step of ensuring the Fuze™ solution is embedded in the shirt by using a squeegee, but afterwards, just heat press the shirt for about 20 seconds and the shirt is then ready to have the dye sub imaged transferred.


Remember, GO Fuze™ works with virtually all dye sub inks and dye sub paper. There are no changes needed with your current workflow.


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