GO ET-15000 DS — Does Your Dye Sub Software Include These 25 Features?


Ultimate Dye Sublimation Graphics Design and Marketing Software Bundle Included with Each GO ET Printer


Does Your Dye Sub Software Include These 25 Features?


  • Cloud-based Graphics Design and Manipulation
  • Easy Drag-n-Drop Graphic Creation
  • Advanced Image Resizer
  • 500,000 Premium Images (140 Million Accessible)
  • Uploading of Unlimited Images
  • 30,000 Design Templates
  • 300 Premium Fonts – Upload Other Fonts
  • Over 100 Dye Sub Blank Outlines
  • Social Media Ad Templates Including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram,Twitter and Others
  • Hundreds of Web Advertising Banners
  • Video and Animation Templates for Advertising and Marketing
  • Printing Marketing Templates Including Posters, Flyers, Post Cards, Business Cards and Others
  • Unlimited Online Graphics Storage
  • Team Creation for Collaboration
  • Export of Designs
  • Image Converter Including TIFF, PNG, GIF, PDF and Others
  • Export of Designs
  • Virtually Any Printing Device Compatibility
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Cricut / Silhouette Design Software Printing Process
  • ICC Profiles for SubliMate™ Ink and Paper
  • Native iOS and Android Applications Usable via Wi-fi
  • First Year Subscription Included at No Charge with Purchase of Printer
  • Second Year Subscription Less than $100


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GO ET-15000 DS Dye Sub SubliMate System


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