First Mac-based RIP for Toner Transfer


For years Mac users have requested a native Mac-based RIP for use with OKI’s toner transfer printers. The wait is over! InkJetBiz (IJB) is pleased to announce the release of GO’s ColorMate RIP TT for OKI printers.




Graphics One has recently launched a new line of Mac-based Postscript Level 3 RIP engine software package named GO ColorMate RIP. As part of this launch GO has announced special versions of ColorMate RIP for certain vertical applications. One of these applications is for toner transfer imaging made popular by OKI Data white toner printers that image in CMYK, CMYW (White) or CMYKW (better known as 4/C and 5/C printing). GO ColorMate TT RIP is the first Mac-based RIP developed specifically for the toner transfer (laser) market. ColorMate TT is feature rich and offers outstanding value to users of toner transfer printers.


GO ColorMate RIP for TT also offers incredible capabilities and features for those with OKI toner transfer printers. ColorMate TT RIP provides operators with a user-friendly interface that shows all the printing parameters in one place, provides a printing workflow, adds full ICC color matching capabilities, processes files at a much faster speed, provides white toner and color toner controls, calibrates the printer for consistent color, rasterizes the image for a softer hand and delivers cost efficiencies – a normal driver cannot offer these features.


Key Information


  • ColorMate TT RIP is a true Mac-based RIP, not an emulation software.
  • ColorMate TT RIP supports all the toner transfer printers from OKI.
  • ColorMate TT RIP has both a 4/C and 5/C capability and can drive the OKI 831TS, the OKI 711WT, the OKI 8432WT and the OKI 9541WT.
  • ColorMate TT RIP will save costs by reducing the amount of toner needed.
  • ColorMate TT RIP includes advanced color matching with ICC controls.
  • ColorMate TT RIP provides customized dithering patterns for unique output.
  • ColorMate TT RIP maximizes production with its workflow and job queue capability.
  • ColorMate TT RIP delivers image previews on the RIP interface for soft proofing.
  • ColorMate TT RIP supports all the standard file types.


Mac Configuration / Operating System


In order to use the full capabilities of the ColorMate RIP, the Macintosh configuration should have the following as a minimum:


  • RAM – 8 Gigs
  • HDD – 1 Terabyte
  • Mac OS – High Sierra (version 10.13)


Availability / Price


GO’s ColorMate TT RIP for Mac will have a list price of $589 and includes all of the OKI 4/C and 5/C toner transfer printers including the OKI Pro9541WT.


Demo Versions


InkJetBiz has free trial versions of the GO ColorMate RIP for you to try. Please contact for further information on obtaining your trial copy.


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