InkJetBiz Bundles Include Crio Support Tablet


One of the best ideas for the support of printers is the new Crio Remote Support Tablet that is included with all the Crio printers and Crio bundles offered by InkJetBiz. This innovative solution is like having a support technician at your fingertips.


The tablet has everything you need to be successful, in one single device. Not only is the tablet preloaded with links to important tools, but a user can add the apps to the tablet other than the Crio support Apps.


The Crio Support Tablet capabilities include:


Getting Started


This area features unboxing to first print videos, links to download driver, RIP software information, and user manuals, as well as videos on transferring techniques. Basically, everything you need to get up and running quickly is in the palm of your hand.


Crio Community

The Crio community is your place to get help, information or share your own knowledge. This interactive forum has Crio tablet and industry experts to discuss printer models, papers, media, transfer substrates and so much more!


Crio Smart Hub


The Crio Smart Hub is a repository of downloadable assets. Download profit guides, pre-made social media content, promotional images and more to market your business!


Crio Academy


Crio Academy includes resources to help you improve your white toner transfer skills. From marketing kits to how-to videos, to free training, to profit guides, and more! New content will be added continually so you will want to ensure you are monitoring the Crio Academy for added information.




CrioCare is more than an industry leading warranty, it’s a printer to process support system. When you submit a support ticket, you will have immediate access to our expert Crio support staff that will listen and guide you to resolving issues that may arise.



The Crio Tablet is bundled with all the Crio printers and is available immediately from InkJetBiz.


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