New EPSON 24-inch Dye-Sub Printer


Although over the past year there have been on and off rumors about EPSON introducing a 24-inch dye-sub printer, we were still surprised with the announcement and its details. Priced at $2,250 in the North American market, the new SureColor F570 will start shipping in October and will be an immediate winner against companies converting traditional 24-inch EPSON photo printers into dye-sub printers. Additionally, competitive products from Sawgrass, such as the VJ 628, will most likely disappear due to its high ink and printer pricing.


Presenting the EPSON SureColor F570


The SC-F570 is 24-inches in width and provides four color CMYK dye-sub printing. It is expected that the F570 will come bundled with the EPSON RIP and will be a complete solution including, printer, ink, paper, RIP and profiles.


The printer was developed to help promotional houses, photo labs, clothing producers and copy shops increase customer choice through flexible, high-quality printing. Whether producing printed phone covers, mugs, mouse mats, t-shirts or cushions, the SC-F500 offers fast turnaround times, reliability and a low total cost of ownership (TCO) to small businesses, and it requires no specialist knowledge to set up, operate or maintain.



Is this a 24-inch ET Series?


Of course, the 24-inch printer is branded SureColor, but the ink delivery system features the same concept as the ET-Series of EPSON printers. The ET-Series printers come with a full set of ink in special 140 ml bottles, and the SC-F570 does exactly the same.



Other Applications


Once the SC-F570 is released, we are expecting that our ScreenMate Color Separation Ink will be usable with this printer. Like SubliMate, our ScreenMate Ink was developed specifically for use with Micro TFP print heads. When using ScreenMate Ink and ScreenMate Film, users will have a perfect combo for creating 24-inch color separations.



Updated as of 12/10/2019

InkJetBiz will not be offering an alternative ink for the EPSON F570.


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