GO Fuze Liquid Solution Kit – Only $99


  • Transfer Dye-Sub Images to Cotton
  • Works with Virtually All Dye-Sub Ink
  • Same Ink for Dye-Sub and Cotton Transfers
  • Easily Apply Fuze Solution to Cotton


Introducing GO Fuze Liquid


GO’s brand new Fuze Liquid Solution for cotton sublimation is quickly becoming a standard requirement for any company offering dye sublimation services. Think about it, you can now do both polyester and cotton transfers using your current dye-sub inkset.



Do you already have a dye-sub printing system? If so, all you need to get started is our $99 GO Fuze Cotton Liquid Solution and Applicator (one liter of Fuze and 1.5 liter pressurized applicator).



What is GO Fuze Solution?



GO’s Fuze Solution is a liquid solution which can be used with virtually all brands of dye-sub inks. This extraordinary new capability uses new patent-pending polymer chemistry, which allows standard dye-sub ink to fuze to cotton fabric. Any dye-sub printer will be capable of imaging transfers for use with both polyester and cotton using the GO Fuze liquid.



Does it matter the brand of dye-sub ink?



Virtually all brands of dye-sub ink will work with GO Fuze Solution. Although we have not tested with all dye-sub inks we do know if the ink is of sufficient quality then GO Fuze will work.



How is GO Fuze Applied?



GO’s Fuze Solution can be applied by a hand-held applicator or with a standard t-shirt automatic pre-treat device that many companies offering DTG printing already have. All a user has to do is apply the GO Fuze Solution to the cotton and then either heat press or allow the cotton fabric to dry. Once the Fuze solution is dry a user can print a dye-sub transfer sheet using their standard process and transfer the image using a heat press.



The cost of GO Fuze is only $59 per liter and $219 in one gallon container.



More Info

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