InkJetBiz Offers the Widest Range of Toner Transfer Media for Crio / OKI


Although InkjetBiz (IJB) just recently announced the relaunching of the Crio line of toner transfer printers, IJB has been a long-time participant in offering media for the OKI line. In fact, IJB offers one of the widest ranges of media for the Crio printers, especially the Crio 8432WDT white toner transfer printer.


The range of media approved for the Crio lines includes the world’s leading brands for toner transfer. This range includes Shock Line, Forever and TheMagicTouch media products. Of course, each line has stronger offerings for certain applications and generally these are the products offered ion the IJB website.


Shock Line


Shock Line is based in Italy and one of the largest providers of toner transfer media. The media produced by Shock Line is ideal for custom printing and decorating virtually any object or substrate using the Crio printers. This includes cotton, metal, wood, cardboard, plastic, leather, nylon and many other substrates.



Forever is based in Germany and was one of the first producers of transfer papers. The range of media include paper for light and dark colored textiles as well as for hard surfaces.




TheMagicTouch is also based in Europe and was started in The Netherlands. InkJetBiz has just recently added TheMagicTouch range of media to its offering and is focused initially on their hard surface and garment transfer products.


Availability / Pricing


For further information on the availability of specific items from either Shock Line, Forever or TheMagicTouch, please go to the InkJetBiz media page by clicking here: Transfer Media for Crio.


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