CADLink Digital Factory Sublimation Edition


The professional dye sub market is taking a major step forward with the recent release of CADLink’s Digital Factory Sublimation Edition. The new RIP software includes capabilities and features that allow sublimation providers to transition from basic RIP functionality to industrial and professional capabilities not offered by other software providers.


Why RIP Software – Color Control?


Many desktop and medium format dye sub printers only ship with a simple windows printer driver. Although these drivers offer some limited functionality, industrial users require far more control of their printer. This is especially critical for managing and matching colors. Employing CADLink’s sophisticated color engine, a power user can manipulate rendering intents for RGB, CMYK and CIELAB color spaces. Additionally, for those that are very color literate, the software provides the ability to adjust colors by manually changing curves in shadows, mid-tones and highlights.


Simplicity with Industrial Functionality


CADLink has traditionally offered powerful workflow tools that are simple to use, and the Sublimation Edition is no different. The software allows a user to quickly process the image, archive the image for printing later, construct and save templates for recurring jobs, provide bar code support for automated production and many other capabilities. The software even includes a cost estimator for tracking ink and media usage and cost for budgeting purposes. CADLink includes more features for sublimation imaging and is the best value for dye sub RIPs.


In fact, CADLink Sublimation Edition is the only RIP at this price point to include Step and Repeats for seamless repeatable patterns, advanced image editing and soft proofing as part of an advanced workflow process. With optimized processing speeds, your production rates will increase substantially using the power of the software.


CADLink Digital Factory Sublimation Edition is indeed the sublimation RIP for power users. CADLink is available immediately from InkjetBiz.


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CADLink Digital Factory Dye Sub Edition


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