Insta 256 Heat Press Used to Develop World’s Leading Transfer Papers

Here is a secret many in the American textile transfer market are not aware.

Did you know the leading textile transfer papers for OKI were developed using the Insta Model 256 Swing-Away manual heat press. In fact, two of the three leading manufacturers, Forever and Magic Touch, distribute the Insta presses in Europe.

The Insta Model 256 is a swing-away 16″x 20″ manual heat press with interchangeable platens. The reason it is the standard for using with OKI Textile Transfer printers is its ability to maintain consistent pressure and heat over the entire platen. This is made possible because of its pressure-centric swing-away design. Additionally, the Insta 256 cast-in tubular heating element.


At $1,995, this unit is the price performance leader for the OKI Textile Transfer line of printers. This unit is the perfect add-on to the OKI Pro8432WT or OKI Pro9541WT textile transfer printers.

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