ScreenMate Ink Liter Only $70


InkjetBiz (IJB) is one of the largest suppliers of digital color separation ink in the business. There is a very good reason for this!


We have been offering ScreenMate color separation ink for many years, in fact, since the founding of IJB. Our ScreenMate product line has been one of the most successful since we started selling it, and now, we have seen a huge surge in users moving to ScreenMate Ink. The reason for this change is that Freehand, a very successful provider of RIPs for color separation, has tied the price of both their RIP and ink together. This change might be okay if their All Black/dMax ink was not too expensive, but in fact, they charge over double what we charge for our ink!


$70 or $139/$180?


Freehand charge their customers $180 for one liter of ink, or if you are a VIP, the list price is $139. We do not understand why anyone would want to pay double for ink that we offer for $70. Everyone with whom we work is a VIP and receives the same price! Additionally, our ink prices for the other printers which Freehand support, are significantly less costly. Here is why our ink is so much less expensive. Our ink is manufactured amid the Silicon Valley in the U.S.A. Our volumes are so high we can pass on savings to our customers.


Our Ink is Pour-Over Capable


You might think that if you try our ink, the printer will need to be flushed. The answer is no, and you will not need to flush or clean the printer. All you need to do is use our ScreenMate Ink in the same manner as you would use your All Black/dMax Ink. This is why we say our ink is “pour-over capable.”


ScreenMate Film


We were one of the first companies in this market to offer waterproof high-quality film for screen printers. We are starting to hear many stories about customer’s who receive film which has very poor quality. Not only is our quality world-class, but our pricing is also even better. If you are unsatisfied with your current film, please contact us, and we will be happy to send you a sample of our ScreenMate Film.


More Info

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