AccuRIP™ Trade-up Plan


Q. What is the AccuRIP™ Trade-up Plan and how does it work?


A. Any user who has AccuRIP™ can trade-up to the full version of CADLink FilmMaker for only $295. All the user has to do is provide a dongle, a copy of the sales receipt, or take a screenshot of the AccuRIP™ serial number from their computer. This upgrade is limited to printers sized 24-inches and under.


Q. Why was the AccuRIP™ Trade-up Plan implemented?


A. Freehand announced on their website that they have suspended shipping their current RIP and will introduce a new RIP later this year. In the meantime, Freehand is offering a low-cost limited version for $299 that has very few features. CADLink FilmMaker is far superior to this very basic RIP and is LESS expensive.


Q. Does CADLink offer a Macintosh-based RIP?


A. No. CADLink is only PC-based. If someone wants to use CADLink on a Macintosh, it is possible to use a PC emulation package, but the emulation packages are currently not compatible with Big Sur, the latest Mac operating system.


Q. Will InkJetBiz offer a Mac-based RIP?


A. InkJetBiz will be launching a Mac-based RIP during Q2 of 2021.


Q. Does InkJetBiz also offer the Trade-up Plan for the T3170x or ET-15000 SP systems?


A. Yes, we offer the Trade-up Plan for systems as well. Please contact IJB for added information.


Q. Does any other ink manufacturer offer a full turnkey film positive system?


A. As the reseller of Graphics One, InkJetBiz is the only ink reseller company to offer two turnkey film positive printing systems.


Q. When does the AccuRIP™ Trade-up Plan end?


A. InkJetBiz will end the program on May 31, 2021.


ScreenMate Systems


Q. What are the sizes of the turnkey film positive systems?


A. InkJetBiz offers a 13”x 19” and a 24” full solution.


Q. What is included with each system?


A. Each system includes IJB’s exclusive ScreenMate Ink, ScreenMate Film, CADLink RIP, printer, support and training for one price.


ScreenMate Ink


Q. How many varieties of ScreenMate Ink does InkJetBiz offer?


A. InkJetBiz offers three different types ScreenMate Ink that is generally not compatible with one another. We offer one version for the Micro-TFP printhead that is used by our T3170x and ET-15000 units. The second version is for all DX printheads. The third version is DX-T for all the older T-series of printers. Please contact InkJetBiz for a listing of supported printers.


Q. Was ScreenMate Ink developed specifically for film positives / negatives?


A. Yes, this ink is only used for making color separations. The ink absorbs 99.9% of all UV light and visible light. Additionally, users can achieve a very high DMax density using ScreenMate ink.


Q. Who manufactures ScreenMate Ink?


A. Prism Inks, a sister company to Graphics One, has been manufacturing variations of this ink for over 15 years in Sunnyvale, California in the USA.


ScreenMate Film


Q. Does InkJetBiz offer ScreenMate film?


A. Yes, GO ScreenMate nanoporous 5 mil film with outstanding performance and value pricing. We offer many different sizes in both cut sheets from 8.5”x11” to 44-inch rolls.


Free ScreenMate / CADLink Training


Q. Does InkJetBiz offer FREE ScreenMate training for resellers and end-users?


A. Yes, InkJetBiz has a class every Wednesday afternoon for both resellers and end-users that need training on how to use CADLink with the ScreenMate workflow. This training comes as part of the turnkey system and is free. Please contact Juan Carlos Clavijo at for added information or to schedule a session


*ACCURIP™ is a trademark of Freehand Graphics. InkJetBiz is not an affiliate or licensee of Freehand Graphics. InkJetBiz is not an authorized reseller of Freehand Graphics’ products.


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