Based Upon EPSON SureColor T3170x—with RIP $3,195


InkJetBiz is pleased to announce its new 24-inch screen print solution that is based upon the EPSON SureColor T3170x printer. Featuring ScreenMate Color Separation Ink and Film, the system comes standard with the CADLink Technology Corporation’s FilmMaker RIP making this a true turnkey offering.


Users have not been satisfied with current offerings since most are only capable of imaging less than 65 LPI, which means high-quality screen requirements are not met. With our total solution of EPSON’s high-quality printer combined with CADLink’s FilmMaker color separation and screen print RIP, we are able to employ ScreenMate Ink and Film for imaging film positives at a much higher LPI.


ScreenMate Ink and Film has been available from IJB for many years. Manufactured amid the Silicon Valley in California, this ink has quickly become the standard for printing film positives for screens.


The IJB 24-inch turnkey system includes three (3) 140 ml bottles of ScreenMate Color Separation Ink, one (1) roll of ScreenMate Film, CADLink’s FilmMaker RIP and EPSON’s SC T3170x 24-inch printer and has a list price for $3,195 for the system.


List Price / Availability


The List Price for the EPSON SureColor T3170x SP is $3,195 and will be released in late April 2020.


More Info

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