Cricut is Selling Dye Sub Transfer Sheets—1800% Difference


In our recent blog post we described Cricut’s new Infusible Ink and transfer sheets. As we have investigated Cricut’s offerings along with their marketing material we soon discovered that Cricut’s focus is on selling their transfer sheets, and for good reason.


Why is this a good strategy for Cricut?


The transfers come in a box of four in 12” x 12” sizes priced at $17.99, or $4.50 each. For those who are involved in large format dye sublimation transfers (yes, Cricut is selling basic dye sublimation transfers) the cost to print a 12”x 12” image is less than $0.25. You read it right, it is less than $0.25 each to print including both paper and dye sub ink. Can you imagine an 1800% difference in pricing?


What are the Pros and Cons of Infusion Transfer Sheets


Obviously with the huge margin opportunity Cricut is emphasizing their Infusion Transfer Sheets rather than the pens. As a user, what are the pros and cons of these sheets:




  • Transfer Sheets arrive nicely boxed ready to be input into the Cricut cutter for cutting
  • The transfers are vibrant and colorful
  • Since the transfer sheets are imaged with dye sub ink, the transfers will work with any substrate which has a polyester coating
  • The sheets offer the latest colors and designs




  • Limited to Cricut’s designs
  • Restricted to one paper type
  • Easy to ruin by tearing or cutting incorrectly
  • Weeding can be difficult or can ruin image
  • Slow cutting process as compared to other processes
  • Must use EasyPress 2 or heat press
  • Extremely expensive


Bottom Line: Interesting idea which is extremely expensive and not flexible for the user.




Of course there is an alternative. The SubliMate System from InkjetBiz addresses all of the cons of the Cricut Infusion Transfer paper.


In our next blog post we will address how Infusible Ink Pens work and what are their pros and cons.


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